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Will I receive all the photos and can I have the RAW files?  The short answer is no and no. Not all photos are ‘winners’ because sometimes someone is blinking or the picture is blurry among many other reasons. I do not release RAW files or unedited photographs because I have worked very hard to develop my style, I spend weeks beautifully editing your photographs and I have to assume you like my editing style because you selected me. Lastly, I take my work very seriously because I’m very passionate about it, I’m not just a person with a fancy camera.

What’s a first look? What’s a first look? A first look is when the bride + groom see each other before the ceremony. It is a moment shared between the bride + groom only ideally in an intimate and private setting. It’s the BIG reveal when the groom finally gets to see his beautiful bride and the bride gets to see her handsome groom. After the first look is when bride + groom portraits would begin and you would have them done prior to the ceremony so they are done and out of the way. I cannot stress this enough, if you are getting married early in the day and will have plenty of daylight after your ceremony then that’s great and you probably don’t need to do a first look unless you want to. However, if you are getting married later in the evening (especially in the fall or winter months) with only an hour of light after the ceremony, you should 100% be doing a first look. Why? Because we still have to take ALL your photos! We have to take ALL your family photos, ALL your entire wedding party photos, and ALL your bride and groom photos! – That’s a lot of photos! Trust me when I say, don’t rush through your photos because they are all you will have after the wedding and think of all the money you’re spending on them. When you do a first look, it not only gets a lot of the photos out of the way beforehand, but it’s also a very special and intimate moment between you and your groom, plus it maximizes your investment (you will get way more photos because we’re not crunched for time chasing the light) AND since most of the photos are already done, you get to actually enjoy your wedding instead of taking photos the whole time while everyone else is celebrating.

We can’t wait to see our photographs, when will they be ready? I always post sneak peeks within a few days so you’re not completely hanging, however do not rush me or hassle me to complete them early. I have multiple wedding + sessions that I’m editing simultaneously and everyone wants their photographs just as quickly as you do. Wedding photographs are completed within 6-8 weeks (sometimes a tad longer) and all other sessions are completed within 3 weeks. Please know that your patience is appreciated while you give me the time to edit each of your photos beautifully without compromising their quality!

How many photographs will we receive? For weddings, you will receive approximately 50-100 photographs per hour of service time you selected. For instance, if you booked me for 6 hours of coverage you will receive approximately 300-600 beautifully edited photographs. All other sessions (engagements, maternity, family, boudoir, etc.) you will receive approximately 75 photographs.

Will we receive black & white photographs? Yes, all sessions (including weddings) will receive all their photographs in both color and black & white.

What is your cancellation policy for non-weddings? By booking a session with Tara Libby Photography, you agree to our booking/refund policy. All session fees are non-refundable in the event of cancellation. However, non-wedding booking fees can be rescheduled to a new date + time and sessions must be rescheduled within 6 months. For weddings, this is discussed in your contract.

What time should we get married? Should we be asking you? YES! Good lighting is super important and you should definitely be aware of it especially when it comes to planning your ceremony time (and if you choose not to do a first look). I am a natural light photographer, meaning I prefer to utilize natural lighting (aka the sun). Make sure my style fits your wedding! Check the sunset time for your wedding day and make sure you’ve scheduled the ceremony at a time where there will be PLENTY of light after the ceremony for photos:

Because you are a natural light photographer, does that mean you don’t shoot at night? What if the lights not very bright? I am indeed a natural light photographer and I prefer to use mother nature’s beautiful sunlight when/if possible. However, during receptions I use my flash of course! I’m still good with lighting no matter the source.

We are ready to book you, how do we go about doing that? I require a 25% non-refundable booking fee and a signed contract. Say the word and I’ll draft up your contract and send you the booking fee payment details + options. Wah-lah! After that we start planning your engagement session. It’s that easy!

Can I substitute our complimentary engagement session for an extra hour of wedding coverage or can you photograph our rehearsal dinner instead? The short answer is no (no exceptions). Here’s why, because it defeats the whole reason why I include a complimentary engagement session with all my wedding collections. I offer a complimentary engagement session because it’s probably the first time we’re going to meet and I want to meet you before your wedding day so we can get to know one another. Engagement sessions are not only fun and provide you with additional beautiful photos of this happy and exciting time, but they also get you used to being in front of my camera because let’s face it…it can be a little awkward at first. It also helps you get used to my shooting style and poses. You’ll already be a pro when it’s your wedding day, practice makes perfect! Plus this gives us time to chat about the wedding face-to-face. If for some reason you can’t do an engagement session, that’s okay too, they are completely optional so no worries!

What is an un-plugged ceremony and do you suggest it? An un-plugged wedding or ceremony is when you ask your guests to put away their cell phones during this time. Yes, I would absolutely suggest an un-plugged ceremony because I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve had someone hang their arm out in the middle of the aisle directly in front of me and ruin my shot (and sometimes there’s no do over for that shot.) You paid good money to have a professional capture these moments and that’s my job but in actuality they are ruining your photographs, not mine. In addition, during the ceremony people are too busy on their cell phones playing photographer that they miss the ceremony because they’re not paying attention. I don’t want to come off too harsh but know that I have your best interest in mind.

What are your engagement session guidelines? I prefer to shoot two hours prior to sunset or mid-morning. Morning light is  very magical, soft and glowy (this is when I shoot my boudoir sessions) and evening light is very buttery, golden and sun-kissed. I love shooting in new places, however anything over 30 miles from my location will involve a travel fee (travel fees are 50 cents per mile round trip). Engagement sessions are 2 hours at the most and I recommend 2 outfits (a casual one and a dressy one). I will send you outfit recommendations but you should always keep in mind the location in which we are shooting, for instance don’t wear heels to the beach and try to coordinate your outfits with each other while complimenting the location (for example, if you want to do a session in a field, bring a flower crown, or if you want to shoot at a garden wear pastel or spring colors.) I will say, darker colors tend to not photograph as well as lighter + brighter colors. Lastly, engagement sessions will take place in one yet beautiful location.

I noticed you shoot at Disney, how does that work? I LOVE and very much enjoy shooting at the Disney parks, however it’s a bit more challenging and I’ve learned a lot along the way as far as maneuvering through the parks and how to make the most of your Disney session. I will only shoot at the parks during the week preferably Monday – Thursday, otherwise they’re just too darn crowded. Because of the crowds, sessions at the parks tend to take a bit longer and therefore I don’t recommend doing any outfit changes. Also, make sure you look super cute but that you’re comfortable as well. Disney sessions are the same cost as a regular engagement session (unless it’s complimentary with your wedding collection…then it’s complimentary!) however you will have to cover my admission + parking fees. Those are my suggestions and other then that it’s a ton of fun!

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