Questions & Answers

Will I receive all the photos and can I have the RAW files?  The short answer is no and no. Not all photos are ‘winners’ because sometimes someone is blinking or the picture is blurry among many other reasons. I do not release RAW files or unedited photos because I have worked very hard to develop my style, I spend weeks beautifully editing your photos and I have to assume you like my editing style because you selected me. Lastly, I take my work very seriously because I’m very passionate about it; I’m not just a person with a fancy camera.

What’s a first look and should I do one? I’ve got first looks covered here.

We can’t wait to see our photos, when will they be ready? I try to post + send sneak peeks within a few days so you’re in the dark, however do not rush me or hassle me to complete them early. I have multiple weddings and sessions that I’m editing simultaneously and everyone wants their photos just as quickly as you do. Wedding photos are completed within 6-8 weeks (sometimes a tad longer depending on busy season) and all other sessions are completed within 3 weeks. Please know that your patience is appreciated while you give me the time to edit each of your photos beautifully without compromising their quality!

How many photos will we receive? For 8 hours of wedding coverage you will receive approximately 500-800 beautifully and carefully edited photos. All other sessions (engagements, maternity, family, boudoir, etc.) you will receive approximately 50-100 photos. Every session and wedding is different, so this isn’t a guarantee just an average.

Will we receive black & white photos? Yes, all sessions (including weddings) will receive all their photos in both color and black & white.

What is your cancellation/refund policy? By booking a session with Tara Libby Photography, you agree to our cancellation/refund policy. All session fees are non-refundable in the event of cancellation. However, booking fees can be rescheduled to a new date and time, and sessions must be rescheduled within 3 months. After two reschedules your session will no longer be eligible for reschedule with the exception of weather and natural disasters. For weddings, this is covered in your contract.

What time should we get married? Should we be asking you? YES! Good lighting is super important and you should definitely be aware especially when it comes to planning your ceremony time (and if you choose not to do a first look). I am a natural light photographer, meaning I prefer to utilize natural lighting (the sun). Make sure my style fits your wedding! Check the sunset time for your wedding day and make sure you’ve scheduled the ceremony at a time when there will be PLENTY of light after the ceremony for photos. You will need a least an hour and a half of light after your ceremony if you are not doing a first look.

Because you are a natural light photographer, does that mean you don’t shoot at night? What if the light is not very bright? I am indeed a natural light photographer and I prefer to use the sunlight when and if possible. However, during receptions I use my flash of course! I’m still good with lighting no matter the source.

We are ready to book you, how do we go about doing that? I require a 25% non-refundable booking fee and a signed contract. Email me via my contact form and I’ll gather all the details regarding your wedding or session. Then I’ll draft up your contract and send you the booking fee payment details. Once your contract is signed and your booking fee is paid, your wedding or session is officially booked. After that we start the planning process. Your remaining balance is due two weeks prior to your wedding day or session date.

Can I substitute our complimentary engagement session for an extra hour of wedding coverage or can you photograph our rehearsal dinner instead? The short answer is no and no exceptions. Here’s why, because it defeats the whole reason why I include a complimentary engagement session with all my wedding collections. I offer a complimentary engagement session because it’s probably the first time we’re going to meet and I want to meet you before your wedding day so we can get to know one another. Engagement sessions are not only fun and provide you with additional beautiful photos of this happy and exciting time, but they also get you used to being in front of the camera because let’s face it…it can be a little awkward at first. It also helps you get used to my shooting style and poses. You’ll already be a pro when it’s your wedding day and practice makes perfect! Plus this gives us time to chat about the wedding face-to-face. If for some reason you can’t do an engagement session, that’s okay too, they’re optional so no worries!

What is an un-plugged ceremony and do you suggest it? An un-plugged ceremony is when you ask your guests to put away their cell phones during this time. Yes, I would absolutely suggest an un-plugged ceremony. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve had someone hang their arm out in the middle of the aisle directly in front of me and ruin my shot (and sometimes there’s no do over for that shot.) You paid good money to have a professional capture these moments and that’s my job but in actuality they are ruining your photos, not mine. In addition, during the ceremony people are too busy on their cell phones playing photographer that they miss the ceremony because they’re not paying attention. I don’t want to come off too harsh but know that I have your best interest in mind.

Can other people take pictures while you’re taking pictures? I prefer if guests refrain from taking pictures (with a point-and-shoot, DSLR camera, or phone) during any posed shots, like bridal party or bride & groom. The other cameras flash may effect my photos or may distract the people in the photo to look another way. As a general rule, I do not allow guests to shadow me on weddings. We reserve the right to kindly tell a guest these rules. I also ask that guests don’t stand in or near the aisle during the ceremony, as that could affect me getting “the” picture or not.

Do you travel to photograph weddings? Yes! I love to travel and I shoot weddings all throughout the South East from North Carolina to Florida. I am from Orlando, FL and my husband and I live in Charlotte, NC. All my family + friends are in Florida. I have plenty of places to stay and I think of it as a win win! I get to work and do what I love, plus see my family + friends along the way!

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