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Engagements | Bok Tower Gardens | Marysia + Josh | Orlando Engagement Photographer | Film Photographer

One of my most favorite locations to shoot at is Bok Tower Gardens. It can be a bit of a hike to get here depending on where you live, but it’s always well worth the drive. When pulling in you are immediately greeted with sun-drenched golden fields to your left and lush orange groves as far as the eye can see to your right. Once you wind around the bend and come to the wispy hillside you are greeted by the most fairy tale-like tower that sings to you every half hour via whimsical organ pipes. It’s quite breathtaking to hear and see to say the least. A little fun fact, Bok Tower is one of the highest points in the state of Florida at 295 ft. above sea level, take that Colorado!

When Marysia and Josh chose Bok Tower as their engagement session location I was thrilled by all means. When Marysia and I were coordinating all the details she showed me pictures of her outfits and mentioned her floral skirt to compliment the lush gardens. I decided her floral skirt needed a pretty bouquet to pull the whole session together for her garden theme. I went to the local wholesale flower market and picked out some lovely flowers to compliment Marysia’s skirt. This is when I discovered my love and admiration for floral design. Everything turned out so perfect and beautiful, so much so that their Bok Tower engagement session was even featured on Glamour & Grace! xoxo

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